Dog Walker in Westfield NJ

The Benefits Of A Dog Walker In Westfield NJ 

You are going out. Whether it’s a day long excursion or a vacation spanning the length of several days, you aren’t going to be home to take care of your pet. Since you can’t take your pet with you, you may need to find a reliable dog walker in Westfield NJ. Hiring a Dog Walker has its advantages so you don’t have to feel guilty leaving your four-legged friend behind.When you hire the right Dog Walker in Westfield NJ, your dog or cat gets to stay in your home. There’s no boarding center to lock your best friend inside. Instead, he or she can lounge around your home as they always do.The dog walker will visit as often as you’d like, making sure your pet is getting sufficient exercise, being fed, has plenty of water and has time to take the much needed potty breaks.If you’re worried about your pet, you don’t need to be. Your Westfield NJ dog walker can give you a call after the first visit to let you know how your pet is doing. Additionally, emails can be sent periodically to give you an update of what is going on and how your pet is acclimating to the sitter that is coming to visit. This will allow you to enjoy your time away without feeling guilty.Hiring Doug the pet sitter can be one of the best things you do for your pet. Not only will a sitter come in and take care of your pet, he or she will look out for your home, too. This includes bringing in the mail, opening and closing doors, watering plants and much more. Showing that someone is visiting your home on a regular basis can also deter potential burglars in the area.

Your dog or cat deserves the very best. When you go away for a day or longer, you need to make sure he or she is being looked after. Since this is a member of your family, you don’t want to take the pet out of his or her familiar surroundings. No pet is going to take kindly to being placed in a kennel where other dogs and cats are expressing their loneliness as well.

If you need a dog walker in Westfield NJ look no further. Doug the pet sitter is the man for you.  Reliable, trustworthy and ready to treat your pet like his own. Your pet will love you that much more when you get home because he or she was able to stay at home and be looked after.

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