Daily Dog Walking


We provide dog walking services to our busy clients depending on their needs.

  • Weekday mid-day daily dog walking for clients who are away from home during the day
  • Mid-day daily dog walking for those who work from home and are out in the field or at the home office frequently without a set schedule.
  • Weekend walks for busy families as needed.
  • Evening walks as needed.
  • Temporary walking during health problems of pet owners or other similar situations.


General Dog Walking Policies

  • Our insurance covers all liability for your dog while under our custody, care and control.
  • All dogs are walked with appropriate collars, leashes and harnesses. No off leash walks.
  • Your dog does not come in direct contact with other dogs or any humans during the walk.
  • Any dog waste is picked up, and your neighbor’s property is respected.

Learn more about our Union County dog walking service here

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