FAQ’s from Doug, your Somerset, Morris and Union County professional pet sitter

Are you insured?
I am insured. My liability coverage extends to any of your pets while they are under my care or control and is applicable to all services including our daily dog walking.

Why is a professional pet sitter the best choice?
Hiring the teenager down the street to keep an eye on your pet may seem like a good idea, but choosing a professional pet sitter is a much better one. Professional pet sitters ensure your pet is not exposed to other pets, make certain your pet’s daily routines are followed carefully, and can help keep your pets safe from harm. Moreover, choosing a professional pet sitter helps to eliminate the trauma often caused by travel for both you and your pet.

Is there anything I should to do prepare?
There are several things you can do in advance. First, be sure that the temperature settings in your house will be comfortable for your pet throughout your absence. Second, be sure you have enough pet supplies to last the duration of our care. From kitty litter to your pet’s favorite food, we want to be sure we have the needed materials to help your pet. You may want to let your neighbors know that we’ll be stopping by. If you have a home security system, it’s a good idea to notify your alarm company too. Don’t forget to leave us with emergency contact numbers as well.

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