New Clients – Doug The Pet Sitter

We are always happy to hear from new clients interested in our services.

We strive to make the lives of clients easier regarding the care of their pets, and we are more flexible and accommodating than the competition. Modern life is full of complications and we won’t add to them.

To get started call Doug at 908- 217- 1210 and don’t be surprised to hear Doug live —- no voice mail. In the rare instance that you get voicemail, expect a call back right away. Set a convenient time for a free consultation in your home, to get all of your questions answered, and to see how you pet(s) relates to me, which is key to ensure that your pets will be at ease while you are away.

If you are contemplating boarding your pet(s) with us, it is better for you and your pet(s) to visit us in our home to view the premises and to make sure that all are comfortable with the arrangements.

We need to gather information about your pet(s) regarding feeding, walking, treats, routines, and veterinary information. To save time at the initial consultation, you can print the accompanying forms and fill them out and have them ready for me when we meet.

This business is based on the mutual love of animals and trust. I know you will feel relieved and have peace of mind knowing that you engaged the services of a professional petsitter to care for your precious pets.

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