Pet Sitting

When you’re away from home, someone needs to care for your pet, and a professional pet sitter can help. With visits to your home as many times as you deem necessary, pet sitting can help you rest easy with the knowledge that your pet is well taken care of. We can give a confirmation call after the first visit, send periodic e-mails and answer your inquiries about how pets are responding during your absence.

Your pet is certainly going to miss you, but the main advantage is that he or she stays in their familiar environment, sleeps in their bed and gets loving human attention from a professional pet sitter. Not only will all pets get their meals at the right times, but if they need to go outdoors for a walk or a potty break or if they need a bit of attention and play indoors, all things are possible with a professional pet sitter.

The pet sitters trained eye looks for changes in behavior, eating habits, potty habits and general health of the pets and can alert the pet owners to anything noteworthy.

Strange surroundings, other dogs and the inability to provide tender care to so many animals at once can stress pets that go to kennels. They are also exposed to airborne diseases such as “Kennel Cough” and owners can end up with a vet bill on top of their kennel bill. Fleas can also affect pets kenneled with many others.

There are other advantages of having a pet sitter. We bring in the mail, parcels, flyers from the driveway, do a security check of the home including temperatures, open doors or potentially hazardous conditions for the pets. We can water plants, vary lighting and drapes to make your home look lived in, care for other small animals, like goldfish, hamsters etc at no additional cost. If requested we will also put out the trash or recycling on the appropriate day.

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